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Medication Administration

In case you are unfamiliar with the school’s policy on the administration of medication to students by school personnel, we would like to bring you up to date on this matter. There is not always a school nurse on duty at school, and in her absence there are staff who have received an annual training of medication administration that will be giving the medication.

If your child must have medication of any type given during school hours, including over-the-counter drugs, you have the following choices:

  1. You may obtain a copy of a medication permission slip from the school nurse or you can find it on our website. Complete this form by listing the medication(s) needed, dosage, and number of times per day the medication is to be administered.
  2. You may discuss with your physician an alternative schedule for administering medication outside of school hours.

To comply with Texas State Law, the following restrictions/guidelines apply to the administration of medications while at school:

  • All medications are to be brought and kept in the school nurse’s office.
  • Each medication requires a medication authorization form signed and dated each school year
    • Medications are prescription and nonprescription drugs and includes, but is not limited to analgesics, antipyretics, antacids, antibiotic ointments, antihistamines, decongestions, and cough/cold preparations.
  • Each medication must be brought in its Original container and properly labeled
    • Prescription medications must contain:
      • Students name
      • Name and address of pharmacy
      • Name of prescribing provider
      • Date prescription dispensed
      • Instructions for use
      • Expiration date of med
    • Nonprescription medications must contain:
      • Original container
      • Includes recommended dosage and directions on container
    • Administration instructions from the parent/guardian should match the labeled container
    • If it is a new medication that has never been given to the student, the first dose must be given at home.
    • Any over the counter medications will only be administered for three consecutive school days, if it requires a longer period a provider authorization form will need to be filled.
    • No over the counter medications will be provided by the school, you must provide your supply
    • Medications that will be given on a daily basis throughout the school year will need no more than a month supply stored on school property.
    • Any “self-administration” of medications must have a parent AND provider authorization
    • Any changes in directions for administering a medication must be confirmed in writing by the provider within 3 days of the change
    • Please remember you can ask the pharmacist to put medication in two containers, one for school and one for home use
    • Please do not send any over-the-counter medications in containers other than the original container it came in

School personnel will not administer any medication to students unless they have received a medication form properly completed and signed by the parent/guardian and the medication has been received in the original container, and appropriately labeled. In fairness to those giving the medication and to protect the safety of your child, there will be no exceptions to this policy.

If you have any questions about the policy, or other issues related to the administration of medication in the schools, please contact your school nurse.

Thank you for all that you do and your cooperation.